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AgileSoDA holds AI seminar for insurance companies 23/04/13

AgileSoDA held a seminar titled "Insurance, Deciding to be with AI" on March 22 at the Ruby Hall of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Yeouido, Seoul, to introduce ways to utilize AI for insurance companies. This was the first offline seminar held this year since the outbreak of COVID-19. AgileSoDA’s CEO, Daewoo Choi, delivered a keynote speech on "Generative AI and Its Value for Insurance." As mentioned in Forbes not long ago, AgileSoDA is ranked 14th among domestic companies holding patents for the GAN algorithm, which is known as the starting point of Generative AI. Based on the experience of preparing for Generative AI since its establishment, the company presented generative AI technology that can be directly applied to practical work. Following the keynote speech, various service managers of AgileSoDA gave presentations on various topics.
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