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AgileSoDA updates its intelligent document processing solution, TwinReader 2.2 23/04/13

AgileSoDA has updated its AI OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution, 'TwinReader,' to version 2.2. With this update, TwinReader has evolved into a more advanced IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) solution than OCR. TwinReader now supports the recognition of PDF documents. Previously, it used a method of recognizing PDF documents as images and identifying data, but with this update, it can recognize electronic documents as they are, without the need for conversion into images. In addition, it now supports recognition of Japanese in documents and the ability to set the solution's UI in Japanese. Japan is implementing a national digital transformation (DX), and as many companies are using or inquiring about AgileSoDA's products, the company expects to expand into the Japanese market even further with this update.
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