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AgileSoDA selected as 'AI + X TOP100' company for 3 consecutive years 23/04/13

AgileSoDA has been selected for the '2023 Emerging AI+X TOP 100' announced by the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association (AIIA) for the third consecutive year. As a leading company in machine learning data analysis solutions for convergence industries, AgileSoDA provides a 'Decision Intelligence Suite' that helps companies read, understand, and make optimal decisions with their data using AI technology. Its products, including the NLP MLOps 'TwinDoc' based on Transformer algorithm, the reinforcement learning-specific MLOps 'BakingSoDA', the ModelOps-oriented 'SparklingSoDA' that covers the entire AI operation process, and the AI OCR solution 'TwinReader', offers flexibility and scalability that can be used separately or together depending on the needs of demand companies.

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