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AgileSoDA signs MOU with ASICLAND for AI-based semiconductor design optimization 23/04/13

AgileSoDA has signed a memorandum of understanding with ASICLAND, a system semiconductor design house, to develop an AI-based semiconductor design automation and optimization solution. AgileSoDA has developed "ChipNSoDA," a solution that optimizes semiconductor chip design based on deep reinforcement learning and simulation. ChipNSoDA adopts a plugin approach that can be added to electronic design automation (EDA) tools used in semiconductor design, making it possible for small and medium-sized fabless and design house companies to use AI for semiconductor chip design without incurring significant costs. Through this agreement, AgileSoDA plans to work with ASICLAND, which has rich experience in methodology and constraints for chip design, to verify and enhance the performance of ChipNSoDA.
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