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AgileSoDA Named Asia’s First 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies 21/10/20

AgileSoDA announced that the company has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies for 2021. It’s the first time that Gartner has named an Asian company as a Gartner Cool Vendor, especially in AI Core Technologies.

Gartner, the world’s leading IT research company, tries to search for new companies that are creative, innovative, and competent enough to lead the future. The companies need to be approved by specific process of Gartner to be named as a Gartner Cool Vendor. ‘AI Core Technology’ field is divided into 4 sectors which are core technology, data processing, operation and engineering and NLP(Natural Language Processing). Only 3~5 companies can be positioned as Gartner Cool Vendors in each sector.

Gartner considered AgileSoDA’s optimization technology based on reinforcement learning to be innovative. Especially realistic cases and ability to productize the technology impressed Gartner. Analysts of Gartner recommended to use AgileSoDA’s product if you are willing to adopt AI to optimization tasks such as model based design, shipment, tradeoff analysis and etc. In particular, Gartner also mentioned that AgileSoDA should be considered in the optimization of chip design which has recently become an issue as an example of Google.

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