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Make Your Brain

We provide enterprises with brains for decision making.

We want to provide an optimized model (Brain) to support decision making for various business tasks. 

In addition, we provide a platform for creating such a brain on their own and a pre-trained brains for the enterprise customers to quickly create it.

Make Your Brain l AI Software & Solutions for Enterprise


Decision making automation

Reinforcement Learning Agent (Modeler+Rule Replacement) Maker for Digital Decision Automation.


AI Platform

Enterprise AI DevOps Portal AI DevOps to support analysis and operations at once.


models for 

transfer learning

Pre-trained Brain

Embedding algorithm based document /text search, Auto estimate service based on image recognition of damaged cars, OCR solution based on deep learning algorithm.. etc.

Agile SoDA products and solutions are organically connected to each other to create synergy.

Our products consist of the ‘AI platform (SparklingSoDA)’ to build an integrated AI analysis environment, ‘Reinforcement Learning Agent Maker (BakingSoDA)’ based on SparklingSoDA with decision automation function, and ‘Industrial Specialized Brain’, which is pre-trained for quick application in practice.


AgileSoDA supports companies to transform AI capabilities and output into internal intellectual assets and to resolve data quality problems. It also provides algorithm-based technologies and services including reinforcement learnings for optimal business decision.

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