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BakingSoDA Concept

BakingSoDA is the software that generates the automated business-decision AGENT based on reinforcement learning.

Reinforcement learning is esteemed as the optimal algorithm for fast decision making and automation without the need for a business rule set.

However, many analysts are having difficulty using reinforcement learning. To solve this, we provide a modeler that optimized to implement and deploy reinforcement learning models with a click.

Analysts can easily set analysis parameters by 'click-by-click' and 'Reward' settings to match corporate metrics (semi-)automatically.


BakingSoDA provides automation methods that train and distribute AGENT(Model).

(It is applicable to most of the areas regardless of labeling of training data)

Replacement of Business rules : BakingSoDA

In reality, decision making is applied to systems as scenarios or rules.

BakingSoDA makes it easier to create agents based on data.

BakingSoDA is a strategic model maker that combines existing score models with business rules and a reinforcement learning-based function makers that make optimal decisions. As data accumulates, the agent evolves itself as if it were “fermented” when making bread.


AgileSoDA supports companies to transform AI capabilities and output into internal intellectual assets and to resolve data quality problems. It also provides algorithm-based technologies and services including reinforcement learnings for optimal business decision.

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